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Kelso belong to a highly intelligent category of combatants.

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We are a third-generation, family-owned and operated hatchery that specializes in providing more than five varieties of Fighting Game Fowls. Our birds are shipped directly from our farm located here in the United States.

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"Our Assurance When You Purchase Our Gamefowl"

We affectionately refer to our enterprise as a ‘family of game fowls & hatcheries,’ and the reason is quite straightforward: we are genuinely a family. Our aim is to extend that familial atmosphere to you, making you feel like an integral part of our group when you order chicks from us. Our commitment to the principle ‘Love Your Neighbor as Yourself’ underscores this assurance we offer you.

Every week, we have a fresh batch of newly hatched, health-certified ducklings and baby chicks, all set to be shipped directly from our hatcheries to your location. Rest assured, all four of our hatcheries boast NPIP certification, which signifies that we consistently test our flocks to ensure they remain free from diseases.

Furthermore, we take pride in maintaining our very own breeding stock, carefully housed in family-owned and operated farms. Each week, we diligently collect the eggs and transport them to our hatcheries, ensuring the finest quality for you.

Lastly, we strive to provide you with a hassle-free ordering process and ensure swift and humane shipping services across the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and worldwide. Your satisfaction and the well-being of the chicks are our top priorities.

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About our Hatches

Breed Overview: Legendary
Characteristics: Remarkable
Performance and Stamina: Powerful
Expert Breeding: Precise
Care and Nurturing: Caring
Perfect Addition to Your Flock: Exceptional
Limited Availability: Exclusive
How to Purchase: Seamless
Why Choose Us: Reputable

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